Harmonic Portal, Geneva Lux

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Geneva Lux saw Harmonic Portal at Lumeire London, and commisioned me to make some for their yearly light festival. They will now be part of the program there for the next 4 years. I found a beautiful wall to display … Continue reading

Expo 2017 Astana

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Just found this video online, the only other ones were heavily edited. I made the sphere visuals, all timelined to LTC in my custom show control system. This project was the 3rd I have done with Ruggieri, the most intense … Continue reading

System 100, Flatpack Festival 10

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  For Flatpack 10 this year, I showed Frequency Response #3, and also debuted Brian Duffy’s new work Instead of Instead of Faint Spirit For the past 5 years Brian Duffy (Modified Toy Orchestra) has been writing an analogue love letter to … Continue reading

Pixel Flow

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Another project with Claudia Paz Studio Pixel Flow explores the senses
 of the visitors in a surrounding space generated by light and sound that allows them to express freely. The feeling of being wrapped in a spiral of light pixels … Continue reading

Frequency Response #1-3

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Flatpack Festival asked me to become Artist-In-Residence in the Photonics Department of Aston University, to make a response to the work they do there. My piece would appear in the run up to Birmingham Library’s Light Fest, as part of … Continue reading

VW Passat 2015

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Marshmallow Laser Feast approached me to join the team for this augmented reality web advert, they wanted to do all the CG fx in the real world, in realtime, mapped to a free roaming camera. We used vvvv and vux’s … Continue reading

Eurovision 2014

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For this years Eurovision I was approached by Nicoline Refsing to produce renders for her as she was the creative director for the video screens for Eurovision in Copenhagen. I was also to create some video pieces for the 3d LED cubus … Continue reading

Light Garden, Lima, Peru

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  Light Garden is a permanent interactive landscape of light, sound and experience. It transports us into a magical world and reminds us of the early childhood fantasies that we used to create. We were inspired by all the childhood … Continue reading

Affinity/Afinidad Lima, Peru

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We won an award! Lighting Design Awards International Project of the Year. I was asked by Nick Cheung Studios to create some interactive softwares pieces for a project with Claudia Paz in Peru. We created 9 interactive pieces, that run on … Continue reading

Land Rover Experience

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  Landrover Experience from catweasel on Vimeo. In April 2012 myself and Elliot Woods were approached to create an application to project onto a car on a turntable, the brief expanded as the project went on, until by the end, … Continue reading

Flatpack Festival 3d Party

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For Flatpack film festival in Birmingham this year I was asked to do some anaglyph (red/cyan glasses) VJing, so I thought I’d do some 3d scanning of the people there and animate them on screen, here are some of the … Continue reading

Four States – Cinimod

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Another piece for Cinimod/Dominic Harris, I was asked to program a kinect based interactive piece, as 1 of a triptych, as you move closer you melt your way through a piece of ice Here for more details

Flutter – Cinimod

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Last year I was asked by Cinimod to help finish off, and optimise for a fit-pc, a vvvv patch for an installation, the result was flutter, it uses a thermal camera to track viewers and affect the flight of a … Continue reading

L’Oreal National Movie Awards

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Working closely with Nicoline Refsing I was asked to provide custom content to link in with the set design and the category backgrounds for this years National Movie Awards at Wembley arena. We had a lot of fun with the … Continue reading

Kinect meets Flatpack Festival

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I was asked to make a couple of interactive toys for the childrens section of Flatpack Film Festival, one uses the Kinect camera to do some simple extruded shapes and some hand tracking (I took the feet tracking out, as … Continue reading

Nespresso Vienna

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Another invitation from Strukt to work on a project in January led to a rather interesting project tracking, masking and projecting onto dancers and some mapped columns on the set. Nespresso – “Pixie” Launch Event from Strukt Studio on Vimeo. … Continue reading

Modified Toy Orchestra, Town Hall, Birmingham

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A picture from the LP launch of Plastic Planet, and a review below… http://www.brumlive.com/modified-toy-orchestra-micronomous-town-hall-8th-september-2010/ http://brianduffyhasabigbrain.com/

Vodafone Awards 2008

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Commissioned to create visuals for Vodafone Awards 2008 for artists such as Estelle, Glasvegas and Primal Scream